8 years and 2nd grade

The last several months have been quite busy for us!

Alex is now 8 years old. Wow does time fly. He is already chest height on me! It won’t be long before he is taller than me. His dad is over six feet tall, and Alex is forecasting to be just as tall. For his birthday, we went to the aquarium. We had several people join us, one of whom is his best friend. Alex looks forward to these trips every year, to the point he is already thinking about what he wants to do next year!


He also started second grade this year. Every year, I worry about how he will adjust to the new routine. There was a lot of new this year with a new teacher and a new special needs interventionist. We recently had our parent-teacher conference where I was able to meet everyone and they all said the same thing: Alex is a very sweet little boy and a joy to have. And he loves to talk, which becomes an issue when the teacher is trying to teach. His teacher is aware of the ADHD and has been great about reminding him about interrupting. We all know that he is not trying to be mean, just that his brain is moving faster than the logic can keep up sometimes. So it’s about helping him learn coping skills on top of the medicine he takes. She has seen great improvement in just the 6 weeks since school started.


We have also noticed a huge improvement in his reading! He went from struggling with word after word, page after page of a book to reading most of these level one readers with only minimal help. I love when things seem to click for him. We’ll be moving on to the level 2 readers soon, which I am not looking forward to honestly. It is hard seeing him struggle, and get frustrated from struggling. But I also know that with the struggling, he is learning and getting better. Time to buy more superhero and knight books.

Overall, Alex is still my sweet kid who wants nothing more than for us to be proud of him, and for his sister to be safe. I am so proud of him and the boy he is now. I look forward to seeing the young man he becomes, in time. For now, I’ll enjoy the 8 yr old who still tells me I’m the best mom ever, and still gives me hugs and a kiss on the cheek before I leave for work.



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