Audiology Checkup-6 months

Mary had an audiology check-up recently. Since she had recently turned 6 months old, it was time for several major check-ups (one year will be the big one).

The location was familiar to me since it was in the same building, even the same floor, as where Alex had his speech therapy prior to starting preschool. It brought back memories since it was there that his dad and I first discussed the possibility of him having ADHD.

I liked the ladies who did the testing for Mary. They allowed Mary to stay in her car seat in the stroller and did the testing that way. One would use her toys to distract her while the other conducted the test on one ear, then switched for the other ear. They were impressed by how much she didn’t seem to care about something being in her ear. We just had to keep her from playing with the wire. She started to get vocal as they started testing the other ear, which made it harder to test it properly.

They noted some issues with her hearing caused by fluid in her ear canal. They recommended we see an ENT doctor to check and see if they believe the fluid will drain on its own or if she will need to get tubes put in. They gave me the information for an ENT doctor who specializes in children with Down syndrome. Since this doctor is also a part of Children’s Hospital, we can set up follow up appointments with ENT and Audiology the same day and do them at the same office! I am all for convenience when it comes to scheduling appointments.

I will be setting up that appointment soon and getting that section set up in her medical binder. Luckily, if she does need tubes put in, I won’t be as scared as I was when Alex had his put in. I’m not saying it won’t be hard on me, just less scary.


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