One month old!

One month.jpg

Mary is now a month old!

Time has flown by so fast. Every day is a new adventure for her. You can tell that she is discovering more of the world around her. She will look around with wide eyes at the colors and faces around her. She loves being held, especially chest to chest. She will pick her head up and look at me or scoot herself up to my shoulder and curl into that spot where my shoulder meets my neck. I have a cuddler!

She does not fuss too much luckily. If she is fussing, she is hungry, needs a change, has gas, or wants to be held. Sometimes it’s because she is tired, but she will fall asleep while held if that is the case. Swaddling has been a huge help for nighttime for us. It helps keep her calmer, only crying when she is hungry. I feel very lucky in this.

Her favorite activity as of late has been our play time.  I lay down a blanket on the floor and lay her on top of it. She will lay there and look around for awhile. Then she will kick and turn herself on her side for a moment before lying on her back again. Before we know it, she will be rolling over!

Alex is still completely smitten with her. He loves to hold her and hug her. He makes sure to tell her “Hi” every day. It’s easy to see that she likes him too. If she is fussing, he will come over and hug her or hold her and she will calm down almost instantly. I look forward to when she can interact with him even more.


I do still have my days where I worry about the future for her and for us. I try not to dwell on it, but the emotions are there. I still have nights where I cry. She is an amazing baby no doubt. I just hope I can be an amazing mom to her and give her an amazing life.

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