What to Expect with Down Syndrome

A while ago, I did a post titled “What to do now? (Down syndrome)” where I discussed what it was like to find out Mary has Down syndrome and tips for starting down that path. I felt like that post covered a lot, but I want to discuss a related topic of what to expect … Continue reading What to Expect with Down Syndrome

Experience and Benefits of daycare

In February, we had to put Mary into daycare unexpectedly. We were very lucky that the starts aligned and we found someone willing to take her in, someone who had no concerns about her Down syndrome and treated her the same as every other child there. Mary was at the daycare 5 days a week … Continue reading Experience and Benefits of daycare

Mary is 1!

Mary is officially one year old! Where does the time go? We have had a crazy, busy year of appointments, milestones, adventures, and experiences. It has been amazing watching her grow, and the bond between Mary and Alex grow as well. Motor skills: Mary just recently started to figure out crawling. It has been interesting … Continue reading Mary is 1!