Three Years Old! And Preschool!

Every year I wonder how time goes by so fast, and this year is no different.

She is still signing, and has started using please and thank you when prompted. We are working on “I’m sorry”. Speech wise, she is saying her words a bit more clearly: Mama, Dada, Bye-Bye, Hi. And she s trying to imitate the sounds of other things we say. She is also getting more decisive with her head nod for yes and head shake for no. Progress!

Despite the pandemic, we have had a semi-eventful year!

Our Buddy Walk went virtual, so we decided that our little family would do a walk (we kept plenty of distance away from anyone else and wore masks!) in the park on the day of the walk. This was also the year that Mary’s photo was chosen to show in Times Square for the NYC Buddy Walk! We were not able to make it, obviously, but a cousin of Bryan’s lives in New York City and took a picture for us!

Another big event is that Mary started preschool! They are doing the preschool virtually and she does have speech, physical, and occupational therapy each week with it. We are already seeing a difference too! When she walks up stairs, she is grabbing the rail and trying to walk typically instead of crawling up the stairs. And she is getting better with using a fork and not spilling the food before it gets to her mouth.

It has been hard this year with the pandemic and everything that has changed and is changing. But we will keep going, keep adapting. And Mary shall continue to fight her obstacles with sword and shield! (Yes, that is still happening too, and she is getting good at it!)


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