First Day of First Grade

It’s a new school year in our part of the world. New school year means new teacher, new class, new classmates, and new worries.

Alex had his first day of school this week. We met his teacher at the school open house. Up until then, Alex was anxious for the new school year. He doesn’t always handle change well. But I think getting to walk to his new classroom with us, meet his new teacher, and find his new seat helped a lot. We talked with his teacher for a few minutes so she learned that he has 3 parental figures who work together to raise this amazing boy. I asked her if she was aware of his IEP and she confirmed she had a copy of it. I also gave her a copy of our contact list which she was very appreciative of. It has our names, phone numbers, email addresses, and relationship to Alex. Afterwards, we had hotdogs and chips, outside provided by the school.

I always worry with the start of a new school year. How will he do? Will he make friends? How will he like the teacher? How will the teacher like him? How will WE like the teacher? Will she work with us to give Alex the best education? Will she see Alex how his prior teachers have seen him: a kind and sweet child who struggles with hyperactivity and impulse control? And this year, he will start the year on medication (which we made the teacher aware of), so I worry how he will do with it and if it will be as effective as last school year since we took the summer off.

For his first day, I took the day off of work so I could drop him off and pick him up. Many people have asked me if I cried during drop off, but I didn’t. He has been in school since early 2015. At this point, it was “Do you remember your room number? How about teacher’s name? And how to get to class? Ok, great. See you after school. Have fun!” No tears. Just a hug, a kiss, and a “Bye!”. He had a great first day, even though he was exhausted afterwards. I still have worries, but at least it was a good start to the school year.


If you are interested, here is a printable copy of the Contacts Form I create for the teachers each year.

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