6 months old!


Mary is 6 months old! Ok, closer to 6 ½ months, but I wanted to wait after her 6 month checkup to update everyone. We are half way to a year old. Time has flown so fast.

Her head control is great and her neck strength is getting better each week. We are working on rolling and sitting currently. She wants to sit on her own, you can tell. Whenever she is in a reclining position, she is trying to pull herself upright. We are hoping this will help motivate her to work on it so she can sit on her own and look around.

She recently learned how to make the “phtbbbbb” sound, also known as blowing raspberries. She even started mimicking us with it, blowing them back at us if we did it to her! Alex loves this and they have been doing it to each other a lot. It has led to him talking about all of the things he is going to teach Mary. Those two have a very strong bond and I love watching it bloom.

We had another visit with Thomas Center for Down syndrome. Overall, it went really well. They are very happy with how much she is growing and her skills so far. We will be looking into physical therapy for her to help with the gross motor skills or rolling over and sitting unassisted. Next appointment will be after she turns 1.

Several weeks ago we began to introduce her to baby food to see how she would like them and if she was ready for them. We started with peaches. Now, before I get the cries of “Why not start with baby cereal??” I will explain. Constipation is an issue many babies with Down syndrome deal with due to the low muscle tone. On top of that, she is on soy formula which also can be a cause of constipation. Baby cereal, can also cause constipation. See the issue? However, “P” foods such as peaches, pears, and peas can help loosen things up. On the advice of her pediatrician, we started with a “P” food. It did not go as well as I had thought it would, but I am glad I had my camera ready. Her reaction was priceless!

2018-03-08 mary trying peaches-01395316127..jpg

We tried pears and she had a similar reaction.


Then we tried baby cereal, thinking that the other foods might have just been too much of a change in flavor from the formula. She did not have as strong of a reaction, but it did not seem to be enjoyed either.

2018-04-01 mary trying cereal-011205551952..jpg

We are still working on sign language with her. Once and awhile she will sign milk back if we sign it to her. But I have noticed that she is associating words and signs with things. I ask if she wants milk and she smiles and grabs for the cloth we use as her bib. I ask “Where’s Daddy?” while signing Dad and she looks over at him. I sign “potty”/say diaper change and she grabs her feet. Alex has even started using signs with her and still thinks that talking with your hands is the coolest thing. I’m looking forward to the first time she signs back to him. The look on his face will be priceless.

She is getting stronger every day. She is showing more personality every day. I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months brings with her!


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