IEP Renewal Time

It’s that time of year again: Alex’s IEP Renewal. IEPs need to be renewed before the one year mark. Last year, it was early May. This year, it was late March. We did 2 renewals for his Preschool IEP. However, his Kindergarten IEP had to be a new one due to the differences between a preschool IEP and elementary school IEP. Alex’s father and I are becoming comfortable with the process as the school years go by. This was Bryan’s first IEP meeting however, so it gave him an idea of what to expect when Mary starts school. We realized that when she does, we will be doing 2 of these a year!

The week before the meeting, we were sent a copy of the proposed IEP. It gave us a chance to read through it, discuss it, and mark any questions we had or issues we wanted addressed. This was sent to Alex’s father, Bryan and me. Every IEP and teacher meeting, they mention how Alex is a sweet and thoughtful child, just very talkative and has issues with impulse control. I always laugh when I see that because it describes him perfectly. He is always interrupting because he has something to tell you right now or has a question he needs to ask right this second. It’s something we are working on.

We sat down with Alex’s teachers (kindergarten, special intervention, and speech) and worked on a new plan for him. We broke it down into 4 measurable goals. Three of them are academic/language based and one is behavioral. The academic/language ones are adjustments to last year’s goals on letters, speech sounds, and when/why comprehension. The behavior one is new this year and in response to the impulse control issues he has been having. We (Alex’s father, Bryan, and I) are glad at the timing on this new IEP because it coincides with his starting medication. It will give us a good measurement on how much the medicine is helping him when compared to last year’s progress. We do not expect the medicine to “fix” his impulse control. He has ADHD and it’s a part of who he is. We want it to help him. We believe that the medicine combined with the coping skills he will learn through having that behavior goal on the IEP will be the best help he can get for learn control his impulsiveness.

Currently, he needs to be taken out of the classroom for the additional help in language and academics. The classroom becomes too distracting for him with all of the other students and the noise going on. He does a lot better when he is in a smaller, quieter environment. One of my hopes is that we can get him to a point where he does not need to go to a separate room to work on these goals.

We feel these goals reflect the areas he is struggling with and that they are not understating or overstating his struggles based on what we see at home as well as hear about in the classroom. Overall, we were very happy with the goals and plan set forth by the team.

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