Four months old!

2018-02-26 four month photo-011648382811..jpg

Mary is four months old!

What a month it has been! We started working with the Early Intervention group here and have had a few sessions with them. We are getting some great advice and the work with Mary is showing some great progress already. I will be doing a post on this soon.

Her head control is getting so much better. She can now hold up her head for 2-3 minutes as a time. Our next goal to work towards is 5-7 minutes, then 10 minutes. This will not happen overnight! Once she hits 10 minutes, we start work on unassisted sitting.

We had to switch to soy formula recently. She was no longer tolerating normal infant formula well and we were changing a lot of dirty diapers rather frequently. We tried switching to soy for a short time, and mixing regular and soy, but to no avail. Every time we went back to regular formula, we had the same issue. Luckily soy formula is a lot more prevalent than it used to be and costs the same as her old formula.

The 6 month mark is so close. I feel like so much is going to be happening right around then. I am enjoying the current lull in appointments or running around for tests at the hospital. We are able to just be a “normal-ish” family. Enjoy the moments. Capture them either in picture or in mind. Moments are fleeting, memories are forever.

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