Three months old!


Mary is now three months old!

She is getting stronger every day! While she has great head control, she still has low muscle tone so keeping it upright is still work. It is noticeable less floppy though. We are doing lots of tummy time to help with this, holding down her hips as her occupational therapist suggested. We are noticing a difference already since she suggested it.

She is sleeping great, even sleeping through the night. I am just waiting for the blessing to end and enjoying it while we can. While she takes her time to wake up in the mornings, she is all smiles when she does. She has the absolute cutest grin too! (I admit to being completely biased too).


She has started to become more playful as well. She will kick and reach for the toys on her playmat. She has an owl security blanket that she holds onto and will nom on. She recently got a Sassy Grip & Rattle Ball toy as a gift. She will grab it and then stare at it intently in between chewing on it. It’s like she is trying to figure out how to eat it! Good luck trying to get it from her too. She has a strong grip on that toy!

I have been back to work for 2 weeks now. It has been an adjustment for all of us. Alex is glad to have things back to the way they were “in the old days”, though he is still adjusting to sharing attention with Mary. She is doing great with my parents and they love watching her during the week for us. I like that they are close enough that I am able to stop by on my lunch break.

It’s been a lot of appointments this past month, but knowing she is healthy and we are on the right track with her development has been a great relief for us. We still have appointments coming up, but they are spacing out more now as they become follow-ups instead of evaluations. I admit to looking forward to the break of appointments.

We soon meet with the local early intervention program Help Me Grow for evaluation of what services and therapies she can qualify for. I am excited and anxious for what they have to say.

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