Cardiology, Chiropractor and more

On Thursday, Mary had her cardiology follow-up. It started with an EKG and she did great! No cries for anything as they put the pads on her. The hard part was keeping the clips on the pads because she kept trying to play with them and grabbing them. We ended up handing her a toy and her owl security blanket to occupy her hands so the nurse could get the readings she needed. Everything came back looking great.

The cardiologist came in with a medical student so she got checked over twice. They told us that with the small hole and the good EKG, that they do not need to see her for another year. Then again between 3 and 4 years old. At that point, if she still has the hole in her heart and it is causing issues, she may have to have surgery. But that is a big if, so I am not worried about it currently. It definitely helps that her doctor did not hear a heart murmur. I just keep my fingers crossed that the hole closes on it’s own.

She also had her first chiropractor appointment the same day. I know there are a lot of opinions on chiropractic care and even care on infants. I’ve been seeing this chiropractor for over a year now. My sister has been seeing her for even longer. Because I was a patient my entire pregnancy, she offers a year of free care for Mary. She knows what special care to take because of the possible issues from her Down syndrome. I trust her and her knowledge. She was very gentle on Mary, and Mary loved it. She giggled the whole time. And then she got some cuddles from our chiropractor. The entire office just adores our little girl.

One more major appointment to go and that is the Thomas Center for Down Syndrome next week. I admit I am a bit anxious about it, but glad that we are getting started on it.

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