Two months old!


Mary is now two months old!

My baby is looking less and less like a newborn and more like an infant. She is awake about as much as she is asleep and getting more interactive with the world around her. She especially loves bright colors, fixating on them for long periods. I guess it’s a good thing I love jewel-tone colors and have a lot of colorful accents around the house for her to look at.

We have smiles! She has started smiling, giggling, cooing; all of the cute things we associate with babies. She has some very distinct happy sounds she uses when she is content. Sometimes it is when she is being held, in her sleep, in her swing and playing with the mobile or on her play-mat that she got for Christmas. Those moments make the crying and screaming moments vanish from memory for a bit.


She is eating well at 3-4 ounces at a time. Sometimes up to 6 in an hour when she is having a growth spurt! We are averaging 23 ounces a day in milk. She spits up from time to time, only a handful of times forcefully. The look on her face when she does is so sad that I just scoop her up and comfort her, after cleaning her up of course.

We have started introducing sign language into our routine as well. We are introducing one at a time so we get used to using it before introducing another. Our first word has been “milk”, the opening and closing of a fist. One person described the motion as milking a cow without the vertical, pulling motion. We just started using the sign for “potty”: a fist with the thumb between the first and middle finger and moving the fist as if ringing a bell. We are wanting to associate this sign with diaper changes. Other words we want to introduce are mom, dad, brother, grandma, grandpa, and sleep.

Next month contains several doctor appointments. We have her 2 month checkup, follow-up with cardiology, and our first meeting with the Thomas Center for Down Syndrome to evaluate where she is and what she needs. I am a little anxious about the latter visit because of the amount of unknown going into it, but the website has a “What to Expect” section which has helped. One of my favorite blogs posted about their experience with their Down Syndrome Clinic initial visit, which has also helped prepare me.

I only have a few weeks left of my maternity leave and then I return back to work. I admit I have some anxiety about it, just as I did when I returned to work after having Alex. Most of my worry lies in how Mary will handle the change. I know she will do fine, and by the end of my first week back the worry will have dissipated. I survived with my first child, and I will with her as well.

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