Happy Holidays!

I love this time of year. I love how colorful everything is. I love how imagination abounds this time of year, the wonder in children’s eyes. I love the family time and the delight in the exchange of gifts. What I don’t like is the cold, but even the chill of winter adds to the magic of the season.

It’s Mary’s first Christmas. It Bryan’s and my first holiday season living together. It’s Alex’s first Christmas with Bryan. It’s a lot of firsts for us. We are enjoying bringing together traditions we have ourselves and creating new traditions together.


The year Alex was born, I started getting a family photo taken at holiday time. It didn’t matter that it was just him and me in the picture, it was our family. We made photo cards to send out and I would make a photo ornament to hang on the tree. This year, we continued that tradition as our family size doubled adding Bryan and Mary to the mix. As I hung the picture ornaments on the tree, all in a row, I smiled as I watched Alex grow over the years and then our family as a whole. It’s a tradition I enjoy and look forward to every year.


With Bryan came a tradition of special ornaments. His family would get an ornament each year that signified something important that happened. We had a bit of trouble deciding between our first holiday season as a family or Mary’s birth. In the end, we decided on a baby ornament since she is what caused our first Christmas as a new family. I’m looking forward to seeing what our collection of these ornaments looks like down the road.


A few years ago, when Alex was old enough to understand Santa, we started our own traditions for Christmas and Santa. On Christmas Eve, we make cookies for Santa and put out carrots and apple slices for the reindeer. We have the NORAD tracker running all evening so we can keep track of Santa’s sleigh. At bedtime, we will read Twas the Night Before Christmas and remind him to sleep so Santa can come. In just a few years, Mary will be old enough to join us in this tradition of Christmas Eve and enjoy it as much as Alex does.

This Christmas will be different, it will be special, it will be ours. Have a Merry Holiday Season everyone!

2017 Holiday Card

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