A week into this

Mary is now a week old. Amazing how fast time goes.

She had her first check-up already. She is down to 7lbs 9oz which is actually great. I was so worried that she would have lost more because of the feeding issues we were having in the beginning. Luckily, her latch/suction is good and strong. The doctor said she was “perfect”. She wants to see us next week for a weight check to make sure that she is gaining weight properly at an ounce a day.

We have an echo-cardiogram scheduled soon to make sure that there are no heart issues that were missed with the fetal echo. They did warn us that she could have a small hole in her heart or a heart murmur that they could not pick up on the ultrasound. I’m hoping that this comes back clear as well.

We also have an appointment with the Children’s Hospital genetics team later in the month. I’m honestly not sure what to expect with it. I know we will be getting Mary’s Down Syndrome diagnosis and discussing that (they are doing a blood test to confirm it post-birth). I want to get a hard copy of those results for my own records. We will probably discuss the potential health issues that can come with Down Syndrome. Only one way to find out.

As far as Mary goes, she is acting like a typical newborn. She eats every 1 – 2 hours. She is trying to hold up her head when we are holding her. She still sleeps more during the day than she does at night, which has lead to some exhausted parents. Each day she is awake just a little bit more, a little bit longer. She has the newborn deep blue eyes and the most adorable smile. Alex is still enamored with her and wants to hold her every day that he can. Every day is another lesson of our little girl.

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