Ultrasounds and updates

I cannot believe we are already at 36 weeks! The time has just flown by.

About a week and a half ago, I started having preterm labor contractions. That became a bit worrisome since I was still early. My doctor had us go to the Labor & Delivery triage where they monitored me. After awhile, and a lot of contractions, they gave me some medicine to calm things down and a steroid shot to help Mary’s lungs, brain, and heart develop a little faster just in case. Luckily, the contractions did ease up and we were discharged. And I am now a week away from being considered full-term!

I did find out at my last appointment that they will now allow me to go past my due date due to the increase risks associated with Trisomy 21. That was not something I expected actually. However, my son was a week and a half early so there is a good chance she will be as well. Time will tell.

As an extra bonus at my recent appointment, the ultrasound tech turned on the 3D ultrasound and I go to see my baby’s face! It was so amazing getting to see that! I’m just so excited to get to meet her and hold her. Just a little longer…

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