A few weeks ago we started the weekly Bio-Physical Profiles (BPP) for Mary to make sure all is going well. It is an ultrasound where they check for specific things. The baby will be rated on a scaled of 1-10 based on that week’s ultrasound. If the baby’s score drops below an 8, additional monitoring may be required. If the score drops too far below an 8, it becomes eviction time.

I was rather anxious going in for my first one. How well will she score? What will they look for? What if they say she needs to come out now? Luckily, I did not need to worry. The ultrasound tech was actually the same one that did our anatomy scan, where this whole journey began! During the ultrasound, they check the amniotic fluid levels, heart rate, organ movement, baby movement, and their breathing. I was told that the breathing may take the longest to test because it is all dependent on whether or not she is practicing her breathing or not.

Our little girl was apparently ready because she was practicing her breathing as soon they started! She has passed the BPP each week and they are happy with her progress. She is getting so big too. The ultrasounds are starting to look different because she is so much bigger than before and her bones are calcifying, which causes shadows on the ultrasound at times. But we can see more features now too. She has full lips, which Bryan says she gets from me. She has chubby little cheeks and hates being woken up and monitored. Getting to see her look more and more like a baby is amazing to watch.

I get the feeling that she will be arriving early, like her brother did. Hopefully she waits until 37 weeks when she is considered full term. But this little girl has already proven that she will do things on her own terms.

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